How To: Install new windows in a new construction project

Install new windows in a new construction project

Steve with Eikenhout Educational Video Series and Paul Griggs with PGriggs Construction demonstrate how to install new windows during a new construction application. You will need a level, a utility knife, a caulk gun and a hammer to install the windows. First, cut the house wrap away from the area where the window will be placed. Next, properly flash the opening to protect it from water by starting at the window sill. Next, verify that the sill is level. Next, caulk around the window opening perimeter with the caulk gun. Put your window into position by lifting it and pressing it against the sill to align it. Place shims on the sill to enable flexibility to make minor adjustments to the window position. Tack the window into place, starting in the corners. Cut back the house wrap and flash around the nails. Apply nailing gaskets to the window if installing aluminum hardware. Tack the house wrap back over the flashing and secure it with tape. Enjoy your new windows.

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Why are you taping the nailing fin under the window? Water will have no way to get out, if it gets in.

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