How To: Completely remove an interior door in your home

Completely remove an interior door in your home

Have a new door that needs installed? Well, first thing you're going to have to do is remove the old one! Check out this home improvement video tutorial on how to completely remove an interior door in your home.

This are easy to follow instructions, and you only need a few simple tools. First you'll start by removing the pins from the hinges with a nail and hammer. This will let you remove the door easily.

Next, you'll remove the door trim. All you need for this step is a simple pry bar, but make sure to put a small block of wood on the drywall to keep from damaging it.

Lastly, you'll need a reciprocating saw to cut the nails through the door jamb. Remove the center screws from each hinge and make sure you cut all of the nails. Work the door frame back and forth until it is completely out.

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