News: YouTuber Surprises Biggest Fan with Giant Playhouse Version of 'Rogue One' AT-ACT

YouTuber Surprises Biggest Fan with Giant Playhouse Version of 'Rogue One' AT-ACT

The force is strong with this project.

Colin Furze is a British YouTuber who is a self-proclaimed "garage inventor and video maker." In a recent collaboration with eBay, Furze created the "ultimate Star Wars project," an 18-feet-tall playhouse version of the AT-ACT from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

In the spirit of Christmas giving, Furze and eBay presented the finished product to super fan, Harvey. The look of surprise and joy on his little face is almost too much for me to handle. Check it out below!

Rogue One premiered on December 15, 2016. An AT-ACT, or All Terrain Armoured Cargo Transport, is a construction vehicle used by the Empire. In celebration of the new movie's release, eBay decided to create a collection of its best Star Wars products, many of which are features inside the finished AT-ACT.

Ultimately this project was a win-win for all parties involved. Building the AT-ACT playhouse (which yielded 1.5M views on Furze's YouTube channel) was definitely an expensive and labor-intensive project, but Furze didn't have to incur any of the production costs because eBay picked up the tab. In return for their financial support, eBay was able to promote their collections to Furze's audience of over 4 million subscribers just in time for the holiday gift-buying rush.

Plus, let's not forget that adorable, little Harvey got a tricked out playroom for free. It's a Christmas surprise that even George Lucas would be proud of.

For a rundown on how the finished playhouse works, check out this more in-depth video. For more crazy projects, be sure to follow Colin Furze on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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