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Forum Thread: Faucet Sprayer

I hope someone can help.I have a peerless kitchen faucet with a spayer mounted beside it and recently it stopped spraying when I press it only small amount of water will spray out and what is coming out of main faucet does not stop like used to can anyone please tell me what is wrong and how I can fix it?

Forum Thread: Good Afternoon Everyone,

Recently I was given a wood dresser. I brought it home washed it inside and out let it dry a while and placed it in house then returned drawers. Well now the drawers will not open. I mean wont budge. Have I ruined this peice of furniture? Does anyone know how to get the drawers unstuck? Currently its like a wooden vault, with no key or combination to open.... Thanks

Forum Thread: How to Become an Owner Builder. Episode 3!

Hi guys. Welcome to Episode 3 of my Owner Builder Series. In this video we go for a walk through the old property prior to any renovating taking place. We then talk to Tony Ross from Design Studio 22 in Coffs Harbour. Design Studio 22 was the company we approached to draw up our renovation plans. Tony and l have a look at the existing plans and then go on to reveal the Final Design! Check it out and let us know what you think. :-)

Forum Thread: Bathroom Border Tile Question

I have an older bathroom. A former owner placed a thick rounded border where the tub and tile wall meet. It's loose and the caulk used wasn't mildew resistant. I thought I would remove it and place a 2" x 8" bullnosed border. What type of adhesive should I use since it is being placed on top of existing tile? What type of grout?

Forum Thread: How to Build an Interior Wall Without Drilling into the Existing Structure

My brother and I live in Hollywood, CA and are about to move into a completely open loft style apartment. The apartment is 750sqft and is made entirely out of concrete (walls, floors, ceilings) and we are not allowed to drill into the floors or ceiling because of the holes it will leave but, for privacy reasons would like to add two rooms and a walk in closet. We want to place a wall across the open space in order to have rooms but due to the fact that we are unable to drill into the structur...

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