Forum Thread: How to Build an Interior Wall Without Drilling into the Existing Structure

My brother and I live in Hollywood, CA and are about to move into a completely open loft style apartment. The apartment is 750sqft and is made entirely out of concrete (walls, floors, ceilings) and we are not allowed to drill into the floors or ceiling because of the holes it will leave but, for privacy reasons would like to add two rooms and a walk in closet. We want to place a wall across the open space in order to have rooms but due to the fact that we are unable to drill into the structure we were wondering if there we any viable options in order for us to be able to accomplish this. I've considered building a "traditional" 2x4 wall and have it just a little tall and hammer it into place so that it is secure without having to nail/screw into place. Would this work? Any opinions on what we can do to accomplish what we are looking to do? Any/all help would be amazing! I've also heard that walls are build like this in similar spaces in NY but have been unable to find anything online. Thank you in advance for any help.


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