How To: Salvage a clogged caulk tube

Salvage a clogged caulk tube

How do you salvage a clogged caulk tube? In this Quick Tips with Chuck Miller video, you will see there is an ingenious and simple way to salvage a clogged caulk tube. Take a utility knife and simply make a slice on the side of the caulk tube nozzle. Probably the entire length of the nozzle is clogged and you may not be able to clear it with a wire or nail. After slicing it, take a sharp tool and remove the clogged material from the nozzle and clean it up. Then wrap the nozzle with electrical tape. This will also allow you to reduce the diameter of the tube nozzle.

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I recently created a product that solves the issue of clogged caulk tubes and clogged caulk tube nozzles. This is not to prevent drying, but to address the issue when none of the other methods to prevent clogging, or unclogging fail. It replaces the top of the caulk tube after you cut off the clogged section. You can check it out at

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