How To: Build a PVC greenhouse

Build a PVC greenhouse

In this tutorial, we learn how to build a PVC greenhouse. The dimensions of this will be 12' x 18'. First, you will use 1/2" PVC pipe that is 12' long that crosses in the middle to make a "t" shape. The frame can be made of treated 2'x 4's. Once you have the frame up, you can use thick plastic to securely cover the pipe and wood and clamp it into place. Once you have this done, you can place your tables inside of the greenhouse and start growing your plants! If you notice the plastic not holding up, experiment with different types until you find the right one for you. Make sure you secure the plastic tightly, or your plants will not grow to their full capacity and might die completely.

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it would be nice if you add a Pin to your website so I could save these ideas.

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