How To: Install a towel ring in the bathroom

Install a towel ring in the bathroom

Mark Donovan of HomeAdditionsPlus shows us how to install a towel ring in the bathroom.

- Line the ring up on a wall stud.
- Determine the height of the placement and make a small mark above the top of the towel ring.
- Position the mounting bracket so that it lines up with the mark you have made and mark the two hole areas where the screws will go.
- If you are mounting in dry wall, use plastic wall hangers. If you are mounting into a wall stud, use standard screws.
- Tighten screws into mounting bracket.
- Mount the towel ring to the bracket and tighten the small screw on the bottom of the towel ring, which will attach it to the bracket.

If you follow these steps, in about 5 minutes, you can have a towel ring mounted in your bathroom!

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