How To: Use a Foam Canon Pressure Washer to Clean a Boat or Car

Use a Foam Canon Pressure Washer to Clean a Boat or Car

We'll show you how to use an attachment for a power washer called a "Foamer" - you'll never hand wash a car or boat again!

Step 1: Select a Safe Biodegradable Detergent

There are many types of detergents out there - the key factor is to consult your users manual to make sure that the detergent is safe to use with your particular pressure washing model

Step 2: Pre Rinse Your Car

We strongly recommend you pre rinse your car before applying detergent

Step 3: Fill and Attach the Foamer to Your Pressure Washer

Fill to the recommended level.

Step 4: Soap Up Your Car and Rinse!

The Foamer will create a nice thick coating - make sure you cover the surface and allow the soap a few minutes to work on and loosen the dirt and mud on your car or boat. After a few minutes, detach the foamer and rinse! It's that simple!

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