How To: Make an Awesome Set of Side Tables!

Make an Awesome Set of Side Tables!

How to make a set of Rustic Bedside Tables from Pallet Wood! Pallets are a great source of recycled wood and are perfect for this project. I decided to make the bedside tables to replace the dodgy ones that l currently have and also to add to my ever expanding pallet wood furniture collection.

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I would love to see your version of my Rustic Bedside Tables!! Please feel free to upload some pics to my DIY For Knuckleheads Facebook Page for all of us to admire :-)

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Released under Creative Commons License 3.0.
Music Title: Banjo Short and Jenny's Theme.

For each bedside table you require:
Two pallet wood stretchers.
Approximately four pallet wood slats.
One length of 90 x 35mm (2 x 4), 1800mm (six feet ) long.
Eight cup head bolts.
Glue and nails.
Clear satin varnish or Danish Oil.

The timber is FREE as it's all salvaged pallet wood.
Bolts are around $1.30 each.
Varnish is around $30.00 for a litre (one quart) but you will only need to use half of it.

One weekend.

Skill Level:
Just above beginner.

Well l hope you enjoy the video and find it useful. Happy building ?

Uncle Knackers.

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