News: Make a compact chair from (free) post office boxes

Make a compact chair from (free) post office boxes

Because of this one video, the company mail room can once again reclaim its destiny as a cultural Mecca. Face the facts: xeroxing your behind-crack during lunch break is so ... yesterday.

Follow these simple steps from the Graffiti Research Lab. "Borrow" six Express Mail Boxes (12.5 x 15.5 x 3.0). If you happen to work in an upscale office, yes, Fedex cardboard works just as well. You will need some clear strapping tape for adhesive. It is that simple. Honestly, it is hard to know whether this is mischief or art. And therein lies the genius.

Go ahead. Assemble the boxes. I did it with my kids here in Los Angeles. And the chairs are indestructible.

If you have not encountered the Graffiti Research Lab, a bit of backstory. They are a cooperative of rambunctious artists whose art seemlessly blends anarchy, technology, and experimentation in very public places. Their work and innovation with LED placards was famously plagiarized in 2007 in the notorious Boston Bomb Scare. The point is, GRL is the real deal. And somehow, when opportunists tried to cash in, the Karma police materialized.

If too much is not enough, our Wonderstaff highly recommends you watch How to make an ultra-hip electro-graf.

Make a compact chair from (free) post office boxes

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Very ?worthwhile ... and practical.

good tune; better solution. i may do this in my living room. i question, though, whether the boxes are 'free'.

Screaching riffs of opening music were like nails on a blackboard, otherwise this is very useful.

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