News: Flipper Bridge

Flipper Bridge

These Dutch architects fear that those Chinese drivers might get confused! You may think I'm making a cheap joke about Chinese drivers. But I'm not. The Hong Kong-Zhuai-Macau bridge is a 31-mile, $10.7 billion project and this unique design is meant to address a clash of two driving conventions.

Flipper Bridge

Hong Kong drivers drive on the left hand side of the street because of the British influence on the island. The Chinese mainlanders drive on the right. When you connect the two cultures, how do you avoid utter carnage?  The Dutch conceived of this solution. 

Flipper Bridge

Innovation or unnecessary indulgence? You tell me.

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form and function. awesome.

I once heard that more accidents happen in Calais than anywhere else in France; all the Brits (drivers/pedestrians) coming off the ferry from Dover and driving/looking the wrong way.

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