How To: Unclog a Toilet Without a Plunger!!

Unclog a Toilet Without a Plunger!!

How to unblock a toilet EASILY & WITHOUT a PLUNGER! That's right, without a plunger! How to unclog a toilet has never been easier. A blocked toilet is without doubt a major inconvenience, but don't call the plumber just yet. Save yourself a truck load of cash and give this method a go.

The Steps to How to Unclog a Toilet:

Step One:

Obtain the bottle of dish washing liquid from the kitchen and squirt a generous amount into the bottom of the toilet bowl.

Step Two:

Fill a bucket with hot water and tip it into the toilet bowl. Let the hot water and detergent mix together and let sit for a while (around 20 minutes to half an hour).

Step Three:

Pour another bucket of hot water into the pan and watch the clog wash away. It may take a minute or two to work but just be patient. If it doesn't work the first time just repeat the process until it does.

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Uncle Knackers.

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