How To: Unclog a Sink. 3 EASY STEPS & for ZERO $$$$

Unclog a Sink. 3 EASY STEPS & for ZERO $$$$

How to easily unclog your bathroom sink or kitchen sink and for zero dollars! Over time the bathroom sink or kitchen sink will get clogged up with gunk that will lead to poor drainage. Follow the steps outlined below for a hassle free unclogging solution.

Step 1

Under your sink or basin you will find your trap. It is inside the bend of the trap that collects all the gunk. There are two hand tightened collars that secure the trap in place. Loosen those collars until the trap is separated from the rest of the pipework.

Step 2.
Remove all the gunk from inside the trap.

Step 3.
Reinstall the trap tightening the collars by hand till firm.

Step 4.
Run some water through the newly cleaned out pipes and check for leaks.

That's it! Told you it was easy. Now get to it . Let me know how you go.

Cheers, Uncle Knackers

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