How To: Tile & waterproof a shower

Tile & waterproof a shower

This video shows you how to tile and waterproof a shower.
Stage 1
Use dunlop shower waterproofing kit.
(Containing water poof primer, coating and tape)
-Mark a line at the height of 1 meter above the shower way on the wall.
-Brush the primer over the marked area vertically, wait until it's dry and then brush over another layer horizontally.
-Apply a layer of waterproof coating to the internal corners of the wall, and above the shower way using a paintbrush.
-Stick a layer of waterproof tape on the drying layer of coating. Make sure it overlaps the shower way.
-Paint the rest of the wall with the coating, leave to dry for 24 hours and apply second layer.

Stage 2 Option 1: ceramic tiles smaller then 300 x 300 mm
Use Dunlop Waterwall Tile Adhesive
-Apply to a depth of 3 mm forming horizontal ribs. Use a special trowel with a solid bed for wet areas.
-Press tiles into the adhesive in a twisting motion, making sure that there are no gaps between the tiles.
-Clean off surplus adhesive with a damp cloth.

Stage 2 Option 2: ceramic tiles larger than 300 x 300 mm
Use Dunlop Set Fast plus floor & wall Tile Adhesive
-After mixing, spread the adhesive onto the wall with a trowel.
-Press tiles into the adhesive using a twisting motion making sure there are no gaps between the tiles.
-Clean off surplus adhesive with a damp cloth

Stage 3
Use Dunlop Flexible Wall Grout
-Allow the adhesive to dry before you start grouting. Make sure you fill the tile joints with grout completely using a rubber squeegee.
-Clean off surplus grout.
-Allow 15 minutes to dry and clean with a damp sponge.

Stage 4
Use Dunlop Silicone Sealant with Microban.
-Apply Silicone sealant with Microban to provide a seal in corners and in junctions with other backgrounds.

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Hi could you please help me as I need to remove a showerscreen and replace with new

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