How To: Tile large & natural stone tiles

Tile large & natural stone tiles

To tile with large format and natural stone tiles onto walls you must first make sure the walls are flat, clean, dry, and free of any dust, dirt, oil, grease, and any other loose material. Ensure that surfaces are suitable and prepared as advised. Then use the Dunlop Universal Bonding Agent where you will be applying the tile. For gypsum plaster and gypsum plasterboard, apply two coats of Dunlop Universal Bonding Agent, diluted with one part bonding agent, two parts water. Then allow primer to dry. After it is dry, apply a second coat. After the second coat is dry, prepare the Dunlop Set Fast Plus Floor & Wall Tile Adhesive by mixing it. Immediately after mixing, spread the adhesive paste onto the background using a suitable trowel. Large format tiles may require the back of the tile to be coated with a skim of adhesive. Press/push each tile with a twisting sliding action to ensure good contact is maintained with the back of each tile. Ensure that the tiles are fixed as far as possible in a solid bed of adhesive free from all gaps or voids. Clean off surplus adhesive from tile surface and tile joints. Allow the adhesive to fully dry out before grouting. Work in small areas. Completely fill the tile joints with the grout using a grout-float, or rubber squeegee and compact well. Remove any excess grout from the surface as work proceeds. Allow about 10-15 minutes for grout to dry sufficiently before cleaning off the tile surface with a dampened sponge. Once the grout has hardened, polish it with a clean dry cloth, or give a final wash down with clean water and a dampened sponge. To finish the job use Dunlop Silicone Sealant with Microban to provide a seal in corners and in junctions with other backgrounds.

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