How To: Tape and butt joint on drywall

Tape and butt joint on drywall

How to Tape and butt joint on drywall

This video illustrate us how to tape and butt joint on drywall.Here are the following steps:

Step 1: First of all take a wet tapering knife,tape,mud and cement to coat.

Step 2: Now fill the joint area with mud and using the wet tapering knife level it.

Step 3: Apply tape on it and again using the knife level it ,the extra mud comes out from the side of the tape.

step 4: Let the mud dry out for at least three to four hours and then after that look for any bumps or imperfections , if found then with the help of knife taper them.

Step 5:Apply another coat of mud and let it dry.

Step 6: Now apply coat on the side of the tape joint and let it dry.

Step 7:Apply coat on the tape so that it overlaps the previous coats.

Step 8: Repeat the above steps twice to achieve a smooth surface.

Thats it

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