How To: Split or cut concrete landscape blocks

Split or cut concrete landscape blocks

This video describes the process of split and cutting concrete blocks. For splitting concrete blocks, a hammer as well as a chisel are required. For cutting concrete blocks, you can either use a skill saw with a masonry blade or a masonry saw. Next, proper safety guidelines and equipment are discussed. For splitting masonry blocks, two types of blocks that are manufactured with splitting notches are shown. To split these blocks, they must be scored with the chisel along the entire length of the notch and on each side of the block in line with the notches; after completely scored, the process is repeated until block splits in two. Next, a line is manually drawn across a block that does not contain splitting notches. Next notches are created using a skill saw with the aforementioned masonry blade. The block is then scored along the newly created splitting notches until the block splits in half.

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