How To: Set up a generator for a home or business

Set up a generator for a home or business

This video details how to set up a generator to provide back-up power for a home or business. Generators are the ideal emergency power solution for a home or business, generators can automatically transfer the power load from the utility power line to the generator when an outage occurs. To make sure the generator is always ready, generators can self run weekly and perform self diagnostics so maintenance issues are minimized or eliminated. When planning to use a portable generator, it should be used in conjunction with a manual transfer system which consists of a manual transfer switch, a power inlet box, and a power cord. The switch is connected to the main electrical panel by an electrician so only the circuits to be powered by the generator are active during an outage. The power inlet box is mounted outside of the home or business and is hardwired to the transfer switch it is connected to the generator by a power cord. When lights go out, the first thing to be done is to shut down the power from the utility at the manual transfer switch. This prevents backfeeding into the utility grid for the purpose of safety. Once this is done, a generator can be used to provide power in the event of an outage.

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