How To: Roll Up an Extension Cord. Good One!

Roll Up an Extension Cord. Good One!

How to roll up an extension cord. Rolling up an extension cord. Extension cord. It sounds like a basic skill but it's amazing just how many people just don't know how to roll up an extension cord. For the DIY'er and tradesman alike there are probably two main methods. There's my way of doing it (which l show in this video titled how to roll up an extension cord) and the other is similar to the method used by skydivers to roll up their parachute cords. They are both good and you could use either one. The reason l like my mine however is that it enables the extension cord / lead to follow its natural bend. You aren't trying to force it into a shape that it is not supposed to be in. The cord then remains relaxed and subtle, leaving it tangle free and easy to use. Give it a go.

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Cheers, Uncle Knackers.

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