How To: Repair vinyl siding with This Old House

Repair vinyl siding with This Old House

In this video from This Old House, you'll learn how to repair vinyl siding with General Contractor Tom Silva

1. Cut piece of faded siding from an inconspicuous spot to replace the damaged section; it'll better match the house than brand-new siding.
2. Use framing square and utility knife to cut through face of siding.
3. Pull siding away from house and cut through the bottom edge with aviation snips.
4. Use zip tool to disengage top of siding from the course above.
5. Lift up the course above and pull the nails holding siding to wall.
6. Cut out the damaged piece of siding, leaving a space 2 inches shorter than the replacement piece.
7. Use the snips to cut away about two inches of the top nailing strip and the bottom J-profile from both ends of the replacement piece.
8. Install the replacement piece over the existing siding, and attach with roofing nails.
9. Slide the zip tool along the bottom edge to engage the new piece with the course below.
10. Install the new piece of siding to inconspicuous place where patch was cut out.

Repair vinyl siding with This Old House

Repair vinyl siding with This Old House Click through to watch this video on

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Great video. It makes the repair simple. One question, though - where can you find that special tool to pry up the siding?

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