How To: Repair, prime and paint an exterior siding

Repair, prime and paint an exterior siding

Over time, the siding of a home can become damaged and lose a bit of it's color due to many reasons. Weather, is usually a common factor, but whatever it may be, it's something that you don't want on your home. This can hurt the overall curb appeal to the outside of your home and can be taken care of easily.

In this tutorial, you'll see what it takes to repair, prime, and paint an exterior siding easily. Good luck and enjoy!

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No Dave, never use sandpaper on siding with grain like that, look at the flat flash spot. Six or seven of those spots like those and you are replacing some siding. Use a wire brush in this condition!

Wouldn't heating damage the paint, though? It seems kind of impractical to me. But if it works, then hey, I'll try it!

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