How To: Remove wallpaper quickly & easily

Remove wallpaper quickly & easily

Getting that wallpaper down is not near as bad as people think it is. Here is a four step process for getting that old wallpaper off quickly and easily. Use a wallpaper perforating tool to make hundreds of holes in the wallpaper. Just roll the tool over the wall and it will make little holes in the wallpaper. Next put a gallon and a half of hot water in a garden sprayer and add to it an enzyme based wallpaper stripper. Spray on the wallpaper stripper starting at the top of the wall. Make sure you coat the old paper with the stripper and let it soak in for approximately thirty minutes. After the enzymes have worked on the paper glue just start at the top and peel the old paper off a strip at a time. If there is any residual paste still on the wall it can be removed with some more stripper and sponge.

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