How to Remove Drain Stopper to Better Unclog a Bathtub

Sit back grad some popcorn and learn how to remove the drain stopper, or plunger from your bathtub, so that you can replace it, or remove a hair clog.

It's pretty easy to do, this video will show step-by-step what you need to do to remove the drain stopper so that you can replace it, or remove any unwanted hair from it.

Hair tends to get tangled in these,which can cause problems with water getting clogged in the tub and not draining.

This video should save you quite a bit of money from having a plumber come out.

If you want to replace this type of a bathtub stopper with one that pops up, you would need to remove this style first. Most of the pop-up style stoppers come with a plate to put over the hole that the linkage goes into, and then the popup stopper would replace the drain screen, and screw into place.

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