How To: Remove and Replace a Door Knob.

Remove and Replace a Door Knob.

How to remove and replace a door handle / door knob. How to install a door knob. This is a job that can be done quickly and easily without any special tools (a cordless drill with a Phillips bit or a hand held Phillips Head screw driver). Follow the steps outlined below for a hassle free experience.

Step 1:

Remove the two screws with a Phillips head screw driver on the base plate of the door handle set which generally can be found on the inside side of the door.

Step 2:

With the two screws removed, you can now separate the two sides of the door handle / door knob set. The two handles just simply pull apart leaving the latch in the door only. Be prepared during this stage as once the screws are removed there is a tendency for the two handles to fall to the ground

Step 3:
Remove the two screws on the edge of the door that hold the latch in place. Remove the latch from the door.
Step 4:

Time to attach the new door handle / door knob set. Take the new latch from the packet and insert it into the door. With the two screws provided, screw the latch in place.

Step 5:

You will notice that on the latch itself there are two holes on either side of the centre hole. These holes are there as a guide to insert the door handle screw posts through. Place the handle / knob (the one that has the screw posts attached ) against the door and at the same time inserting square peg through the square hole and the screw posts through the screw post holes.

Step 6:

Line up the opposing handle / knob up on the other side of the door ensuring that you position the screw holes up with the screw posts of the other handle.

Step 7:
Insert the two screws that are provided and screw the two door handles / knobs together.

So there you have it. Door handles replaced. You may want to replace the latch on the jamb while you are at it. This is generally a simple procedure of removing the old latch, and attaching the new one with the two screws provided.

Good luck with it. Let me know how you go by leaving a comment under the video.

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