How To: Refinish hardwood floors in your home

Refinish hardwood floors in your home

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to refurnish hardwood floors. Using a drum or belt sander, begin by cutting 36 grit abrasive. Then remove all the old finish marks and scratches from the main body of the floor. Using an edge sander, do the same thing. Now vacuum the floor and then repeat the process once again with both sanding machines, except use 50 grit abrasive this time. For the third time, use 80 grit abrasive and 100 grit abrasive for the fourth time. Remember to vacuum each time. Now apply 3 coats of finish. This video will benefit those viewers who are planning to renovate their home, and would like to learn how to refinish hardwood floors to feel and look more appealing and smooth.

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