How To: Refinish exterior lights

Refinish exterior lights

Are your exterior lamps looking totally out of place? Bring them back into the fold with a simple spray paint face lift. As every fashion-conscious gal knows, accessories make all the difference. The same is true for your house: the decorative touches, accent pieces, and color schemes can make the difference between a house that looks all together or altogether tacky. Exterior lights are a perfect example: do your lamps match your home like the perfect pair of earrings match your outfit? If not, a well-chosen coat of paint can help pull it together in a snap. There are 12 stages to this project. Turn off the power, take the lights down you are going to refinish, take off the wire connectors, disconnect the wires, prepare a clean and elevated area for painting, disassemble the fixtures, put down the base color, apply the accent color, let dry, then reassemble your light fixtures, reconnect the wires, reinstall the lights and turn on the electricity and check your work.

Refinish exterior lights

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