How To: Prime your walls and get them ready for painting

Prime your walls and get them ready for painting

Before you start a paint job you will need to prime the surface of the wall. Priming is necessary if the wall is a dark color or stained or bumpy at all. Once you've decided to prime and paint, check out this tutorial for advice on how to go about it.
You Will Need
• Dropcloths
• Latex or oil-based primer
• A paint sample
• A brush
• And a roller
• Tinted primer (optional) (optional) (optional)
• And a paint sprayer (optional) (optional) (optional)

Step 1: Decide if your walls need priming
Assess your walls. Patched, sanded, stained, bare wood, and darker-color painted need priming. Primer also works well if you are applying latex paint over an oil-based coat.
When priming your walls, keep a window or door open so fumes can escape.

Step 2: Choose primer
Choose between latex and oil-based primer. Latex primer is an inexpensive, all-purpose choice. Choose an oil-based primer if you have a dark stain and are opting for lighter paint color.

Step 3: Shade primer
Bring your paint-color sample when purchasing primer. Primers are white, but tinted ones are available to match your top coat.

Step 4: Apply primer
Lay down the dropcloths, and apply the primer with a brush, a roller, or paint sprayer.
If you don't want to prime your entire wall, spot prime to cover trouble areas.

Step 5: Let primer dry
Let the primer dry for 24 hours. Dry time will depend on the type of primer used, if the walls are porous or sealed, and if the room is hot or humid.

Step 6: Paint
Follow up with a great paint job.

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