How To: Prevent yellow jackets from nesting in your home walls

Prevent yellow jackets from nesting in your home walls

Rick Steinau with Ask the Exterminator demonstrates how to prevent yellow jackets from nesting in your home's walls. In mid to late summer yellow jacket populations increase. Yellow jackets can find spaces in the veneer or in cracks in bricks or siding. You can hear scratching noises in your walls as the wasps move. Observe wasp activity late in the day when they return to their nest for the night. Treat reachable holes with pesticide dust and a bellows. Leave the hole open to let the wasps freely move in and out. Use an extension pole to raise the bellows duster to higher points. Never climb a latter to treat a wasp nest unless you are wearing protective clothing. Wasp Freeze can spray up to 18 feet and will immobilize attacking wasps. After you've treated the nest, remove it so it doesn't attract other insects.

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