How To: Prevent workplace-related back injuries and back aches

Prevent workplace-related back injuries and back aches

Work can be a rough place, especially if you're in construction or another laborious field of work, but that doesn't mean that anybody who works (or even doesn't work) isn't susceptible to work-related injuries. The most common workplace injuries are back injuries. This educational video, entitled "Back Your Back: Back & Muscle Injury Prevention" is all about reducing your risk of back problems.

Back injury has been around since the dawn of mankind, and it's still a major problem in our society. 1/3 of industrial injuries are back injuries, and over 1/2 of the industrial insurance dollars paid to workers are from those back-related injuries.

This video gives very important tips for the proper stance, the proper hand grip, the best footing, and general concerns, such as standing on a stool or even just walking. Everything you wanted to know about back injuries is contained in this fun and helpful resource.

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