How To: Pour and prepare a shower base for tiling

Pour and prepare a shower base for tiling

This how to video is a quick excerpt from a DIY show. Watch as homeowners learn to pour a shower base and prep the floor for tiling. Follow along to learn how to fabricate a custom shower base in your bathroom.

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do not cut out a circle, a simple "x" will allow the flaps to dirct water into drain. for bolts, find the hole and simply cut a very small groove into rubber to allow bolt to be pressed through. the concrete helps to be a much wetter self leveling concrete. As far as the liner- as long as it exceeds the hight of the threshold by 2-4 inches, there should be no problems, it will be covered by a waterproof backer board, like dura rock or hardi backer board, however- make SURE that the edges you fold in the corners are pointed UP!! If you fold the corners down, you are creating a channel for water to get behind liner. You can add a bit of silicone over any nail heads to insure no leaks from those areas, and galvanized roofing nilas work best here.. Mark the drain itself to show you where the tile will be just slightly higher than the drain edge, but not too high.

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