How To: Plaster a wall in your home with Ron the Builder

Plaster a wall in your home with Ron the Builder

Ron the Builder demonstrates how to plaster a wall. Mix the sealant with water to achieve the right proportions and spread evenly over the wall with a paint roller. Once the sealant is dry, you may begin plastering. Combine half a bag of plaster with the appropriate amount of water in a large bucket with an industrial mixer. Mix until the plaster is smooth. Pour the plaster onto a flat board. Using a trowel, scrape some plaster onto your hawk. Then, using a flick of the wrist, quickly scoop some plaster from your hawk onto your trowel. Apply the plaster to the wall in sweeping motions, applying an even coat. Once the wall is coated, wait until the plaster is mostly dry but still a little soft. Then you are ready for the second phase of plastering. Use the edge of the trowel to scrape down any raised areas of plaster. Any large bumps in the wall may be flattened with the broad side of the trowel and pressure. Once the wall is even and the plaster is totally dry, apply a second coat of plaster to continue leveling off the wall. It is not necessary to achieve full coverage, just fill in the rough spots. The final phase of applying plaster is finishing the edges and doing a last smooth-down. Using water, a brush, and the trowel, scrape the edges of the wall and run a wet along it. Smooth the wall with the trowel. Continue using the brush and water to dampen any areas that need smoothing down. Once the plaster is dry, your wall is done!

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