How To: Patch a small hole in drywall

Patch a small hole in drywall

While drywall is an inexpensive building material, it's not the sturdiest. Luckily, repairing the inevitable holes is a quick and easy process.
You Will Need
* A utility knife
* Sandpaper
* Clean cloth
* Putty knife
* Spackling paste
* Fiberglass mesh with adhesive backing
* Paint
* A drywall kit (optional)
* A wall guard plate (optional)

Step 1: Buy a drywall kit
Consider buying a drywall kit. Sold in hardware stores, it contains almost everything you need to repair holes.

Step 2: Smooth and clean location
Use a knife to scrape off any loose plaster and then smooth the area with sandpaper. Clean with a damp cloth.

Step 3: Fill
If the hole is very small, like a nail or screw hole, fill it with spackling paste, let it dry, and sand it smooth.

If the hole is from a doorknob, consider installing a wall guard plate, which simply adheres over the damage and will protect your wall in the future.

Step 4: Cover with mesh
If the hole is larger, place an adhesive piece of fiberglass mesh over the hole so it overlaps on all sides by at least an inch.

Mesh patches can repair holes up to about 3" inches around.

Step 5: Cover with spackling paste
Use a putty knife to spread a layer of spackling paste over the mesh until the area is covered. Smooth it as best you can and let it dry overnight.

Step 6: Sand it smooth
Lightly sand the area smooth.

Step 7: Apply a second layer
Apply a light, second layer of spackling paste, let it dry overnight, and sand it smooth.

Step 8: Paint
Paint the repaired area.

Fact: Drywall is the most commonly used interior building material in the world. Every year in the U.S. alone, 50 billion square feet of drywall are produced.

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