How To: Patch a hole in a hollow core door

Patch a hole in a hollow core door

Ron Hazelton shows you how to fix a hole in a hollow core door in less than an hour.

1) Make a bevel around the hole.
2) Shove a piece of crumpled paper into the hole.
3) Fill the hole in with expanding insulated foam. When it's dry cut the extra off.
4) Cover the hole with polyester resin. After it's applied to hole and starts to turn rubbery, cut the extra off. After extra is cut off, sand it with 100grit sand paper.
5) Apply a thin coat of spackling. Smooth off the extra with a putty knife wider then the hole. When dry, sand it again.
6) Apply a coat of paint.
The whole process should take about and hour.

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1 Comment

Ron, your a genius! I'm a tradesman and I've had to patch plenty of doors in my time, and to be honest every now and then I have to come back to fix a job up or get stuck sitting around waiting for the patch to dry. The expandable foam is the secret, its made my job so much quicker and easier. I've made sure to bookmark your page incase I need it in the future. I know I won't have to waste time trying to find your page again. Cheers old mate, have a good one

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