How To: Patch ghastly potholes in driveways with QPR's Pothole Repair

Patch ghastly potholes in driveways with QPR's Pothole Repair

If you've managed to patch all of the unsightly and bothersome cracks in your home's driveway using QPR's Pavement Crack Filler, then you might have some bigger problems to repair— potholes. But don't worry, there's a super easy fix for that, too. QPR's Pothole Repair Products are permanent fixes for ghastly and embarrassing potholes in your driveway.

Learn how to use QPR's Pothole Repair Products. Pothole Repair doesn't require mixing and can be poured right out of the bag. Before pouring, make sure any debris is cleared. Then insert QPR's repair in 2 inch increments. Make sure to compact each increment with a QPR tamp tool. Once a crown has been put in place and compacted, the pothole should now be ready to drive on.

When all the cracks and potholes are filled in, then use QPR's Driveway Sealer for long-lasting protection.

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