How To: Multiply succulent Kalanchoe cuttings

Multiply succulent Kalanchoe cuttings

Succulent Kalanchoe plants are very easy to multiply. The first thing that you need is a healthy mother plant. Take a small leaf section from the base of the plant. Clean the dirt up on the leaf. Set the leaf out to dry in a nice warm area where you don't get direct sunlight because you don't want the leaf to dry out. The area around the stem of the leaf will get calloused over. Once it is calloused over you are ready to plant the leaf. You need some well draining soil such as seed starting mix or cactus starting mix. Mist the soil with a spray bottle. Insert your cutting and tap it down. Set the cup out in a warm dry place without direct sunlight. Check the soil everyday and if it is drying out re-mist it with the spray bottle but don't over water the soil. In about three weeks you'll have plants with roots of their own. Wait for warm weather to plant the plants.

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