How To: Make indoor garden basket & container arrangements

Make indoor garden basket & container arrangements

Take a common indoor hanging basket plant and use it to make a great water plant. You take a stem of tradescantia with the roots attached. Wash off all the soil. Put the stem into a vase with rocks and water in it. Anchor the plant stem down in the rocks. Add some charcoal pebbles to inhibit bacteria growth in the vase. The tradescantia will grow roots in the water. To keep it healthy also add some hydroculture fertilizer to the plant about once a month. Also you may want to change the water every 2 weeks. To make a garden basket arrangement, get yourself a basket and line it with plastic. Put your plants into the basket and use foam to secure them because you are not putting soil in the basket but plants in containers. Put in a tall plant and a spiller that drapes over the edge of the basket. Add some colorful flowers and finish the basket off by covering the top of the basket with some moss.

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