How To: Install Warmup's underfloor heating cable system

Install Warmup's underfloor heating cable system

In order to install Warmups Underfloor heating system, you will need the following: a Warmup Thermostat, a Warmup Kit, RCD, a multimeter, a permanent marker, measuring tape, tape, and scissors. Prepare the subfloor in advance. Install insulation. The surface needs to be smooth, dry, clean, and grease free. It cannot be placed under permanent fixture. Test all of the mats, with a multimeter. Place the mat near the outlet. The wire should be 50 mm apart, and they shouldn't cross. Cut it and turn it, after you believed that all planning has been done properly. Do not cut the wire. Tape the heating wire to the floor. They should be 50 mm apart, and they shouldn't overlap. It should never be placed in stairs or walls. Next, install the thermostat. Make sure that mat and heater wire is secure. Lay the tiles. The tiles and adhesive have to be compatible with under floor heating. Use a plastic trowel. Tiles can not be removed, after placement.

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