How To: Install a toilet for your home

Install a toilet for your home

To install the new toilet you will need a putty knife, hacksaw, tape measure, adjustable wrench, level, sponge, and replacement wax seal. Before you begin removing the old toilet, turn off and disconnect the water supply to the toilet. Then flush the toilet to get the water out of it. Use a sponge to remove any remaining water in the bowl or tank.

Remove the bolts that secure the toilet to the floor. Rock the toilet from side to side to loosen the toilet from the wax seal. Remove the bowl and use a putty knife to remove the old wax seal. Wipe away any excess wax with a wet sponge. Lay the new toilet on its side beside the pipe opening. Put the wax seal on the bottom of the toilet. Pick it up and line up the holes with the bolts and press the toilet down as you put it in place. Once the wax ring is in place do not move the toilet or you could break the seal and cause water leakage. Put the plastic covers, washers, and nuts on the two bolts and tighten them down evenly. Snap the caps over the bolts. If the bolts are too long, carefully cut them off with a hacksaw.

To put the tank on the bowl, slide the retaining bolts into the brackets on the top of the tank. Put the gasket on the tank opening and put the tank on the bowl. Put the washers and nuts on the tank bolts. Attach the water line to the tank and turn the water on. Check carefully for leaks. Attach the toilet seat to the bowl and put the lid on the tank. Adjust the water level in the tank, and you are all done. You have a beautiful new toilet and you saved a ton of money.

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