How To: Install Timberline roofing shingles

Install Timberline roofing shingles

GAF roofing has a four nail pattern. The shingles come in 2 sizes: English and metric. In this video we will be using English sizes. Place the shingles in a row by row pattern. You may move left to right or right to left but never move up the roof. You may have the shingle hanging over the roof by 1/4 in. Install the leak barrier in high wind areas. Place the second shingle next to the first. Five inches of the underlying shingle should be exposed. Use a whole shingle for the first course. The second course should be trimmed 11 inches and the third course should be trimmed 17 inches. The fifth course starts over with a whole shingle. Continue this pattern. Every 6th course, draw a chalk line to check that the lines are parallel.

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I really like the Timberline roofing. It's easy to install and always lasts for years and years.

Me too, Darla. Timberline roofing has served me well ever since I got it, and I haven't changed since.

I like that you also put what not to do in the video. That always seems to be where I land... in the "what not to do" category. This is probably why I leave most of the roofing details to experts that know what they are doing. If I ever try this kind of roofing I'll have to tell you how it goes. As for now I can only speculate what I might like and end up doing.

Great info. Timberline roofing is a great roofing system. If you need roof repair, roof replacement or roofing systems in the Metropolitan DC/Northern Virginia, check out KGS Construction @

Great video! I agree with Jane it is so nice to get some idea of what not to do. I always seem to be the one who turns something fairly simple into complicated. If I ever do this I will definitely keep this in mind.

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