How To: Install electric underfloor heating cables

Install electric underfloor heating cables

This is a simple video guide that shows you how to install electric underfloor heating cables.

1. Measure the area to order right heater for the room.
2. Before start, make sure the surface is smooth, dry and free from dust and grease.
3. Prepare the subfloor. Then install insulation boards (optional). These improve energy efficiency and save your money.
4. Do measurements to fit your heating wire into the area. The heater must not be laid closer than 40 mm to the any wall. The wire should never cross and spaced a minimum 50 mm apart.
5. Lay out the heating wire. Pull the cable gently from the box. The wire should be laid in parallel lines back and forth.
6. Secure the wire into position with short strips of tape.
7. The heater should be installed on one level. Never cut the cable.
8. After you completed the layout, tape the entire cable to the floor using tape. Cover the wire completely with it.
9. Install the thermostat. This allows to program different temperatures at different times of the day.
10. Tile and Grout: Lay your tiles as normal taking extra care not to damage the cable. Leave a floor to set for at least seven days to get fully dry.
And remember, electrical work should be done by a qualified electrician.

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