How To: Hang a door properly

Hang a door properly

Hanging a door evenly isn't easy, and if you screw it up, you'll probably have to start over with a brand new door. Master this skill, however, and save a bundle in installation fees.

You Will Need

* A circular saw
* A sanding block
* Varnish
* A combination square or ruler
* A pencil
* A utility knife
* A hammer
* Chisel
* A screwdriver
* Shims

Step 1. Measure

Measure the size of the doorway, then subtract a quarter of an inch from each side. This is the size of door you'll need to buy.

Step 2. Check the size

Hold the door up in the doorframe to make sure the size is right. If there are any tight spots, use a circular saw to cut them down, then sand and varnish the sawed area. Go easy — you can't add back if you take too much off.

Step 3. Measure the notches

Measure the height and width of the notches for the hinges. Also measure how far the hinge will hang over the edge of the doorframe, because the other side of the hinge will have to hang the same distance over the door.

Step 4. Outline the hinges

Using your ruler and a pencil, outline where each hinge will be attached. Don't forget to account for the length that will hang over the edge.

Step 5. Cut grooves

Trace the outlines with a utility knife. Once a decent groove has been created, use your hammer and chisel to cut away a layer of the door inside your pencil marks. This should create a notch for the hinge that's equal in size to those notches in your doorway.

Step 6. Mark screw locations

Place a hinge in one of the three notches you've made. Mark with a pencil where the screws need to go.

Step 7. Attach the hinges

Sand the notches until they're smooth before attaching the hinges.

Step 8. Hang the door

Use shims to hold the door in place.

Step 9. Install the knob and lock

Following your manufacturer's instructions, install your doorknob and lock set. You're done! Now don't let the door hit you on the way out.

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