How To: Hang a door

Hang a door

Changing your doors can instantly improve the look of your home, and yes, it is a job you can do yourself. It just takes a couple of hours, a lot of patience and this step by step video tutorial. Stop hanging around, watch this video on how to hang a door and get to it.

Here's what you will need

* A tape measure
* A pencil
* A hand plane
* Sandpaper
* A hammer
* A set square
* A very sharp Stanley knife
* A wood chisel
* A drill
* Wood and screw bits
* A saw
* Masking tape
* A couple of coins
* Wood wedges
* And vice or something to hold the door steady while you work.

For a basic internal door you'll also need:

* Two 100mm hinges and screws, for heavier or external doors get 3

Hang a door

Hang a door Click through to watch this video on

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