How To: Drywall partition with Fermacell

Drywall partition with Fermacell

Think a project is too difficult? Think again! With Fermacell, you can tackle any fix-it job, and this handy how-to gives a great description.

If you want great acoustics, use Fermacell with your choice of insulation.
Keep the order of upstands, roof-slope, and then ceiling.
Make proper spacing between boards (details given).
Use screws, but alternatively, staples or nails.
Keep space between roof battons and walls to allow the wood to "breathe".
No special equipment is necessary, only basics tools.
Mixing Fermacell is very easy; all you need is a bucket, and water.
Apply the Fermacell to the wall, with a trowel or joint stick.
Once complete you can use any sort of finishing, and the surface will hold up to 40 kilos.

Fermacell is safe, easy-to-use, and convenient.

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