How To: Cut a door jamb to install flooring

Cut a door jamb to install flooring

Installing hardwood flooring is becoming increasingly easy with all the DIY flooring kits. But the difficult part is getting the flooring around your door jamb. Cutting the door jamb instead of the flooring is a much easier alternative. Home improvement expert, Danny Lipford shows how to cut a door jamb to install flooring in this tutorial.

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Steps to cut laminate Flooring around the Door Frames

• First, you need to lose screws of your door's turning point, using the screwdriver or other tools and put them a side.

• Put your door on a flat surface or work table.

• Use a measure tap to measure1/2 inch up from the base of the door and use a pencil to mark the measure width.

• Now you need to cut the door according to the mention mark by use of power saw and put the door aside.

• Installed the laminated flooring with the indication or instructions of a professional.

• You need to fill all remaining gaps with floor patch material according to professional directions.

• In the last, fit the door to its hinges.

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