How To: Clean your gutters around your house

Clean your gutters around your house

Maybe one of the hardest jobs you can do around the house is cleaning the gutters. When cleaning the gutters by hand, you have to constantly keep moving the ladder to get to the various spots of the gutter which contain a mess. If not done properly, the gutters can get clogged, which will not help the appeal of your home. This video explains a simple and easy way to clean the hassle-prone gutters. The powerful leaf blower makes cleaning the gutters simple and easy. Just make sure to keep your eyes and ears protected while cleaning, don't blow towards the down spout, and try to clean the entire gutter before cleaning up the mess below to prevent multiple cleanings. Following this video will get you clean gutters in no time.

Cleaning your gutters should be done at least once a year to protect the integrity of your roof. This short video suggests using a leaf blower to clean your gutters. A number of helpful suggestions are offered such as remembering to blow the leaves and debris away from the down spout so it does not get clogged, and cleaning out all the gutters before cleaning up the yard below so you only have to do that part once. They also suggest checking on noise ordinances in your area regarding leaf blowers and always using eye and ear protection when using a leaf blower.

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