How To: Choose between a fireplace or fire pit

Choose between a fireplace or fire pit

How to choose between a fireplace or a fire pit To choose between a fireplace or a fire pit you have to make a decision about what you want. If you want people to be able to sit around it you will want a fire pit. If you want to anchor a space then you will want a fireplace. The fireplace is normally made of cast concrete and cinder block. The inside is lined with fire brick to keep it from overheating. In an outdoor fireplace you will want to use gas logs because it is hard to control the smoke from real logs. The fireplace can be veneered with stones to give it a custom made look. Fire pits are better for sitting around and having conversation. You can also do custom fire water combinations that are not really fire pits or fire places. They are a very decorative item to put in a space. Budget and yard size are two very important points that should be factored into your decision. This is a great addition to a backyard space that can really add to the atmosphere and usability of your space.

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