How To: Change a Tap Washer.

Change a Tap Washer.

How to replace a tap washer. Dripping Tap. Dripping Faucet. Replacing a tap / facuet washer is quite an easy process as long as you follow the 6 steps in my video. Basically all you need to do is this:

Step 1: Turn the water off at the mains.
Step 2: Turn the tap on and let the water drain out of the pipes.
Step 3: Remove the spindle from the tap.
Step 4: Remove the washer from the spindle and replace with a new one.
Step 5: Re-install the spindle to the tap and turn the tap off.
Step 6: Turn the mains back on.
DONE!!! Now go out there and do it!

Step 1:

Warning: Occasionally the tap may be badly corroded inside the unit. If this is the case it may be impossible to remove the spindle without causing extra damage to the plumbing. Replacing the tap may be your best option in this instance which is no big deal really as it is quite an easy process to do and relatively inexpensive.

Step 2:

Step 3:

How to Change Tap Washer

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