How To: Caulk your home to save money on energy bills

Caulk your home to save money on energy bills

All around your house there small cracks and spaces that are letting air out of the house. You can stop the air leaks through an inexpensive way saving money from being wasted, it's called caulk. You have to select the right one for what you need, there are many different types for different applications so be sure to pick the right one. Clean the area you want to apply the caulk in and then put the caulk in the device with which you're going to use it. Push the plunger until it stops and cut off some of the covering material from the front. Puncture the inner seal using a needle. Apply the caulk slowly over the gaps, then use your finger to force the caulk into the gaps. Finally use a damp cloth to wipe off the caulk.

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