How To: Build a simple beam bridge

Build a simple beam bridge

Stuck on one side of a river or ditch? If you are stranded with no other way to get to your destination you will need to build a bridge! Without many supplies, your best bet is a beam bridge which can be made with just a single piece of wood. This video will show you how to get from one place to another.
You Will Need
• 4 concrete pier blocks
• A level
• A shovel
• Hand tools
• Two support beams
• Four metal straps
• Planks
• Nails or bolts
• The load for the bridge
• Firm, dry ground (optional)

Step 1: Study the location
Decide where to put the bridge. Measure the space and assemble your materials, keeping in mind the carrying capacity of the materials you select.
If you are building your bridge over a creek or stream, consider the maximum water level. The bridge's foundation should rest on firm, dry ground.

Step 2: Position two pier blocks
Place two concrete pier blocks in the ground at one end of the bridge site. The blocks will support the beams. Use a shovel and hand tools to level the blocks.

Step 3: Attach the beams first set of blocks
Rest the beams on the two blocks so that they extend across the bridge's span. Attach the beams to the blocks with metal straps.
Make sure the two beams are parallel to each other.

Step 4: Add planking
Cover the two beams crosswise with wooden planks and nail or bolt the planks to the beams.

Step 5: Test the carrying capacity
Test the bridge's carrying capacity using an appropriate load.

Fact of the Day: Work on the original London Bridge began in 1176.

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